CEO Klaus Engberding on the EOS Group’s corporate responsibility.

How can a debt collection company assume social responsibility? EOS has been addressing this question for quite some time now. The result is a corporate responsibility strategy consisting of four action areas. CEO Klaus Engberding tells us what he thinks are the defining characteristics of corporate social responsibility and discusses the meaning behind the motto “Changing for the better”.



Since August 2020, the EOS Group has been describing its activities with a new claim: “Changing finances for the better”. How can technology-driven and above all responsible receivables management make a positive contribution to the world of finance? The Group is now taking this a step further with its CR strategy, which defines four action areas for good corporate citizenship over and beyond the boundaries of the company and the sector. In this interview, CEO Klaus Engberding explains what these are.

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Annual Report 2020/21: Corporate Responsibility at EOS
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Annual Report 2020/21: Corporate Responsibility at EOS


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